I grew up in rural Wiltshire and have lived and worked in both England and France. In 2013, I completed my Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Print at the University of the West of England and I now work from my studio at the Stroud Valley Artspace in Gloucestershire.

I have constantly been inspired by the ‘found object’ and the traces and marks left behind from its history and narrative. The process of this ageing and its patina, and how it affects the object, directly influences the surface qualities I seek to create in my paintings. Re-tracing the changes that each object has endured over time, I seek to maintain the intrigue often present when traces or found marks are revealed. This unconscious marking and scripting brings with it, a delicacy and an ethereal quality of line on a surface, that continues to influence me.

How I work

My process leads me to collecting and archiving marks and traces, recording them, documenting them and de-constructing the shapes they form. I have no idea or pre-conceptions as to how a piece will look when finished. I enjoy and indulge in the process. The paintings evolve and ideas emerge as I am working. The process of this ageing, its patina and how it affects the object, directly influences the surface quality I create in my work. I prefer to work across several pieces at the same time and always look to achieve that moment of serendipity.